The video I liked the most is from Talk Radio because it was very serious on the issue of what is happening to us. The video Pump Up The Volume is good but you always hear people talk about how the world sucks and how people are phony. In Pump Up The Volume, the radio caster caused an entire riot which resulted in people destroying stuff. The Fisher King video was the funniest out of all the videos. Even though it is funny, the radio caster is saying something serious when he talks to Edwin. He brings out a good point about the social isolation between people. Someone like Edwin can never be with a girl who is out of his league. Barry Champlain’s speech was probably the most inspirational because he told people the harsh truth about life. He didn’t point his finger at a certain group but he blamed everyone. He speaks about paranoia like instead of embracing technology, we think about how it will bring us down. I like how he spoke his mind and how he wasn’t afraid to tell everyone what he thinks. Barry Champlain is also much more relatable because the problem he states are actual issues that we still face today. When you listen to the callers speak it shows what he is talking about. The callers seem very crazy which shows Champlain’s point about how people will continue to listen to him even if he speaks radically.