Newscasters: Compare & Contrast

There is a big difference when you compare The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer to The Rush Limbaugh Show. Wolf Blitzer as a newscaster is moderate, whereas Rush Limbaugh is a conservative Republican. If I wanted actual news with the least bias then The Situation Room would be the best choice. Blitzer reports news in a factual manner, where Limbaugh adds his opinion on everything. Blitzer doesn’t have any personal agenda when he reports stories. Limbaugh is basically against anything Pres. Obama does. He truly believes that Obama didn’t do a single good thing during the last four years. I think that Limbaugh is one of the contributors who are preventing the Republicans and Democrats to work together to fix the economy. People who are listening to Limbaugh can never create their own opinion because he does that for you.

Before I listened to Limbaugh I didn’t think that conservatives were that irrational but this project made me realize how differently news can be interpreted. I thought that Wolf Blitzer would be much more liberal than he really is but in the show he remains neutral. Blitzer’s reporting is much more genuine because he interviews people from both sides of the parties. Limbaugh’s show shouldn’t be considered a news show because he twists the actual news into something that isn’t true. He even goes as far as to mock the president making him sound dumb, but you know who the real dumb person is. Compared to the two shows I learned that the way the news is broadcasted is very important because the show shapes the viewer’s opinion.


Rush Limbaugh Blog Post #4


In today’s show he discusses the immigrant issue. He suggests his own plan where every illegal alien can gain amnesty right now but they can’t vote for the next 25 years. This plan gives another assertion that conservatives are against minorities. He laughs at John Boehner’s comment to ABA World News that Republicans need to reach out to all the people of America. He goes further than laughing at that comment by playing “Feliz Navidad” to reach out to Hispanics. He refers to the Democratic Party as Santa Claus because they are giving away free stuff. He is strictly against giving illegal immigrants amnesty in order to gain voters for Republicans. Since amnesty didn’t work when Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants and lost 7% of Hispanic voters.

Limbaugh comments about Democrats stating that the Republicans need to get rid of him if they want to win. He counters that statement by saying that he should be favored by them if he is allowing them to win the elections. Even Boehner told others that Republicans aren’t what Limbaugh describes it to be.

He makes a big deal about Obama running ads in Mexico for those who are coming to America, where to get food stamps. To Limbaugh this is outraging because that is one of the reasons Democrats have 75% of Hispanic votes. He thinks the only way the Republicans can gain Hispanic voters is to be like the Democrats. He completely misses that point of the caller who is a Hispanic minority, states that he cares about issues such as abortion and who is I favor of the second amendment.

Rush Limbaugh Blog Post #3


It is the day after the election and now Rush Limbaugh is being himself by being defensive and criticizing everything Pres. Obama and how his campaign was about the small stuff like “war on women” whereas Romney’s campaign was based on America, which sounds ridiculous. He is shocked that his prediction about Romney gaining more votes than McCain is wrong. He has a problem with those who are in the Republican Party, who are saying that they need to reach out to the minorities because he thinks that they already do and he names some successful minorities who are in politics. He thinks that the country is doomed because of the crumbling economy, unemployment is worsening, and the debt situation is also worsening. He is most angry about the fact that everyone is still blamed Bush for the economy. He is defending Romney very passionately, that his view will is the traditional way that will lead to prosperity. When he defends Romney with such passion, I am thinks that he should save his energy for the next Republican candidate.

Throughout the show Limbaugh calls Pres. Obama Santa Claus because he will take something from others and give it to you like the poor taking from the rich. He still keeps on endorsing Mitt Romney even though he lost. Compared to last night where he was boasting how about how Romney was going to beat Obama. He thinks that people felt sympathy for Obama and they wanted to give him a second chance. Limbaugh look at the people who voted to Obama as people who hates hard work and the mention of getting a job are despised by them.

Rush Limbaugh Blog Post #2


In the election night, Limbaugh starts of his show stating how the Democrats are trying to “suppress” the Republican voters because Romney is ahead in the Ohio voting. He thinks the election will be completely different for the 2008 election because the Obama of 2012 is a letdown compared to how he was in 2008. Since he was elected poverty was up, the war isn’t over yet, his foreign policy is terrible, jobs are worse, the number of Americas on food stamps is up, and house prices went down. He thinks that Obama didn’t do a single good thing in the office. He is blaming the media for making Obama look good for handling hurricane Sandy. He discusses Howard Dean’s comment that the only way Pres. Obama is going to lose is if the Ohio voters are kept from voting. He says the Democrats are making excuses for losing. He counters that statement by saying that the Democrats are doing that because the Black Panthers are in Pennsylvania.

Limbaugh as a problem with the polls because it assumes that every Democrats is voting for Obama and that every Republicans is voting for Romney. Yet he states that it makes more sense that every Republican are voting for Romney. He thinks that the Democrats are scheming to prevent Republicans to vote like announcing that Obama is the winner before mid-afternoon when the voting booths aren’t closed. He criticizes the Charlie Rose’s show because all his guests agreed that Obama is going to win. He argues what’s the point of having guests if they all agree on the same thing. Limbaugh can’t seem to handle any criticisms against the Republican Party, he gets very defensive and he starts making that person.

Wolf Blizter Blog Post #4


In The Situation Room, one of the stories is about Mitt Romney, who thinks that Pres. Obama won the election because he gave gifts to African-Americans, Hispanics and young voters. In the interview with Wolf Blitzer, Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal states that this is the wrong way for the Republican Party to gain voters. The interview surprised me because I never heard from a reasonable Republican. He even admitted that Republicans need to stop saying dumb things like Romney’s comment “that 47 % of Americans were “victims” dependent on government and would never vote for him.” I feel that Republicans are turning against Romney not because his ideas were idiotic but because he lost the election. None of the Republicans spoke out against any of Romney’s comments or ideas before the election so you wouldn’t know which ones to believe in. In the interview Blitzer asked questions directly that are to the point. He doesn’t give his opinion. He stays unbiased during the interview where he doesn’t attack Jindal with questions. He asks questions that requires a direct answer. He clearly doesn’t report for entrainment but to inform.

Rush Limbaugh Blog Post #1


Rush Limbaugh is definitely biased, even he said in the radio that he is biased against Pres. Obama and how he wanted Obama to not only lose the election but to lose in a landslide. He is so extremely against anything Obama says or does. He keeps making funny of Obama by speaking like him and making him sound like an idiot. I am shocked that Limbaugh is one of the highest paid people in the U.S. media. He thinks that the media is dangerously corrupted by liberal bias. If he thinks that, then what would you call his views? He praised Fox news for being the only one to cover the attack on Benghazi during the campaigning. He thinks it’s ridiculous that everyone is praising Obama because he took immediate action during the hurricane Sandy. He thinks that it’s his jobs as a president to take immediate action. Even though everyone thinks that it’s a game changer, Limbaugh says that Obama did his job for a couple of days. He says how important it is to get gasoline in New Jersey and that we don’t need solar power or windmill, which refers to his previous comment of how Obama said in the debate the need for clean efficient source of energy. He is making fun of Obama that gasoline is not the enemy here. In one of his former radio show he explains that global warming is a hoax played by the liberals. He says that the media made Obama look compassionate during hurricane Sandy that in media Democrats gets all the compassion, while the Republicans get none. The way he broadcasts news is by completely changing everything into his own views that you can tell what is real or what is false.

Rush Limbaugh

Wolf Blizter Blog Post #3


In the Situation Room, the main discuss was whether the Democrats and Republicans will be able to work together.  John Boehner spoke out saying he is willing to work together and make compromises in order to make changes to fix our economy. I think that the next four years will be better because both sides of the parties are now realizing that there is a bigger issue than the disagreement between the parties. If Pres. Obama compromises, it might mean that he might have to make major changes to his Obamacare. There is also Pres. Obama has to pay attention to the needs of African Americans and women. Some of the major things the Obama can accomplish are educational reform, foreign policy, and keeping Obamacare. The discussion was also about how Obama won the election. One of the campaign’s secret was they learned more about the voters. They used data mining which is using statistics and computer science to analyzing the types of voters. For example, you might get a letter from Michelle Obama telling you to vote because of the issues that you care about will be handled by Pres. Obama. Pres. Obama and Michelle Obama also made a lot of appearances in TV shows, which showed how they are. I think that those are some of the factors that led to the victory of the election. When I watched Obama on the Late Night with jay Leno Show, I felt a bit closer to the president. The people felt that Obama cared more for them than Romney.