The Newsroom

In the show The Newsroom is centered on Will McAvoy, who has to deal with the changes that are being made to his news show called “News Night.” The show starts off with Will criticizing America because of all the things that are wrong with it and then he states all the reasons why America used to be the best country in the world. His speech can tell you what his views are going to be in the show, which is a bit to the left. The reset of the show is mostly drama about what will happen to Will’s show. You find out who are loyal to Will and who decides to leave Will for the other show. I think the show is exaggerated a bit on the dram because it would attract more viewers. I wondered how Will would be so unaware that his show is being completely changed and how he didn’t know that almost all his co-workers were leaving him. There is hostility between Will and his former lover MacKenzie McHale because she will be the new executive producer. Will’s show starts off with the gulf spill. The new crew was able to prove themselves by being able to get ahead of everyone else on reporting the story. From watching the scene on the spill, I learned that sources are very important when you want to report a story. In the show they relied heavily on the topic turning to red, which signifies that it is very important news. I think the crew now learned to not rely on it so much.


Louie Poker Scene

In television show Louie, the clip starts off with a bunch of comedians playing a poker game. The guys are making fun of each other and they get to the topic of homosexuality. The group has different views on the topic of homosexuality, which can be related to the views. Louie is one who asks the questions, which I think he is trying to make people understand about the controversial topic. He asks questions that people in the group are too embarrassed to ask about. Nick Dipaolo is the uncomfortable guy in the group, who is shocked and reluctant to discuss about homosexuality. Rick Crom is only gay guy in the group, who explains the meaning of the word f___ and how people should be more aware when they use the word. I love how the show uses comedy to make us understand the topic better. When Rick explains how every gay man in America had that word shouted at them at least once when they were being neaten up and when they hear that word it brings back the memories back of when they were beaten up. That statement had the biggest effect on me because it shows the powerful effects of words. Even though I never use the word, it made me think about being more aware when I am using offensive words.

The Shawshank Redemption – Three Act Structure

The three-act structure can be applied to the film The Shawshank Redemption. Act I is the basic setup of the film where the main characters and the main story of the film is introduced. Act II is the part where the confrontation reaches its height. Act III consists of the resolution of the film.

In Act I of The Shawshank Redemption, the film starts off with the protagonist of the story named Andy Dufresne. The story starts with the trial of Andy who is accused of killing his wife and her lover. The film is set in motion when there is the flashback of Andy drinking in his car, who looks like he is about to kill his wife. He ended up with two lifetime prison sentences. I think that Andy planned his escape from the beginning when he asked Red for a rock hammer because he knew he would never be a free man again. There is also the presentation of how life is like in Shawshank prison, which Andy finds out that it is a very strict prison. The instigating event of the movie is if Andy hadn’t been found guilty in the trial, then none of the other events would have occurred.

In Act II the protagonist faces many obstacles. Some of the obstacles that Andy faced were fear of getting raped by The Sisters, he gets rejected for parole, and the antagonist, Warden Norton refused to let Andy be set free. The part where Andy’s had proof that he was innocent seemed like he was about to achieve his goal but that everything goes wrong when the warden shoots the guy who had proof that Andy was innocent. By the end of Act II, Andy is at his lowest point and the next event leads to the climax of the story.

In Act III, Andy makes his escape from Shawshank prison, which is the climax of the story. He was able to get his freedom and his friend Red was also able to get his freedom too. The story ends with the reunion of Andy and Red in Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

The Shawshank Redemption is one of my favorite movies because its main message is about hope. The things that Andy went through were very tough, yet he still had the will to break out of Shawshank. He was convicted for something that he didn’t do. He is surrounded by murders, rapists and thieves. He constantly had gotten beaten up by the guards. He did his best to bring hope into his inmates by treating them beers and he played Mozart so that everyone can hear the beautiful music so they can feel a moment of freedom. Andy could have had a comfortable life in prison but he didn’t settle for it. He knew what it truly meant to be free and he fought for it till the end.