Mumford & Sons – Final Impression

I really enjoyed listening to Mumford & Sons. This project made me realize how much more I really like the band. After learning about the band and interpreting some of their songs, I learned much more than I hoped to learn. The biggest reason that I think that people should really the band is because of their amazing lyrics. You can tell that they were influenced by some of the most influential writers like William Shakespeare and John Steinbeck. They can express something brilliantly in their lyrics, whether it’s about relationships or losing hoping.

I think the only reason that people wouldn’t like this band is because of the folk tunes. I personally like the catchy and the sad tunes, but people have a different taste is the type of beats they like. Even so, you can relax to their music. I personally dislike country music, but the use of banjo in the album was amazingly done. The tune was very different compared to the other bands that I currently listen to. You can listen to them when you are in any mood and you can easily sing along with the band.

I think the leader of the band Marcus Mumford deserves a lot of credit for this band. He is the main writer of the lyrics and he can play a lot of instruments and also have an amazing voice.

I love majority of the album. The song that is a miss to me would be Dust Bowl Dance it is a blues type of songs but I think it doesn’t belong in the album.

Their songs to me bring something new to the music world. Since I first listened to them a year ago, I still find news things in their songs. Their old-time folk music cheers you up and makes think about what the meanings behind the songs are. In attempting to find the songs meaning I felt like I was reading a story and learning something new about myself.

I would definitely recommend this album to everyone, even to those who like music that are very different to them. I really think that Mumford & Sons really have something to offer to everyone.

5 out of 5


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