Mumford & Sons – Winter Birds Video Interpretation

In the video Winter Winds, Mumford & Sons are represented in a place that fits their music. Their type of music has folksy type of tunes that relates to farmers and crops of fields. The setting in the video takes place in the empty fields of land. The band uses winter as the metaphor for loneliness. The person in the song finds a girl during the time of his loneliness. He wants to love the girl but he is unsure if he has true feelings for her. He thinks he should stay with her because he is afraid to be alone.

Even though the concept of the song doesn’t relate to the video, I like how the instruments relate to the video. To me the use of banjo reminds me of the south, where there are open fields to farm.  I think that all their songs can be applied to the video because their songs have kind of the same beat. Their song reminds me of when I lived in Bangladesh, where I lived in the farm and walked barefoot everywhere, which Marcus Mumford does in the video.  He also brings a shovel like he is one of the farmers. That reminds me of one of his interview on MTV, where MTV asks what is another of his dream career would be and he replied that he would be a farmer.

The video implies a sad tone because of the cloudy sky and it looked like it is about to rain. When the band sings the lines

“Remember spring swaps snow for leaves
You’ll be happy and wholesome again
When the city clears and sun ascends”

the Fall leaves start pouring in and the scene lightens up a bit. Even though the song doesn’t relate to the lyrics, I love how they incorporate the countryside.

5 Out of 5


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