Mumford & Sons Blog#3 – Little Lion Man

I like Little Lion Man because at least once in our life we didn’t have courage to do something. This song gives you the courage to push yourself to do what you fear. In the song the man seems to be the person who is at fault. He realized how thoughtlessly he behaved by pushing their loved one away. He didn’t have the courage to talk out the problems in their relationship.

In the lines

“Rate yourself and rake yourself

Take all the courage you have left

And waste it on fixing all the problems that you made in your own head”

suggests that he paranoia led to the breakup of his relationship with his partner. The person seems to be very critical of himself and blames himself for everything that led to the downfall of their relationship as described in the lines

“But it was not your fault but mine

And it was your heart on the line

I really fucked it up this time

Didn’t I, my dear?”

In the he continues to take the blame himself. That makes me think of how when we do something terrible and how we want to take everything back but we can’t. Being the person at fault in breakups or in arguments make you think about all the things that went wrong.

Before analyzing the song I thought of the song as a happy tune and I never would taught that it would be such a sad song. The song reminded me of the lion from Wizard of Oz, who didn’t have any courage but in the end he had courage.

In the lyrics “Rate yourself and rake yourself,” people thought it was “Rate yourself and rape yourself,” which I thought the same when I first heard it but then I looked it up. It refers to the idiom “rake someone over the coals” meaning to scold someone.



5 Out of 5


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