Mumford & Sons Blog#1

Mumford & Sons is a UK band, they play folk rock music. The band is named after the lead of the band Marcus Mumford. They added the sons part to make it sound like a small town band. The cover of the band also makes the album look like a small town band because it shows a local shop, where the band is on the display case. The first song I heard by them was Sign No More, which I didn’t love when I heard it at first because I thought it was a religious band. Their album Sign No More is more about being spiritual and having faith. The album was influenced by William Shakespeare and John Steinbeck. Some of the lyrics were from Shakespeare’s plays and Steinbeck’s novels. The song Sign No More was based on Sign No More Ladies from Much Ado About Nothing. You can get that the feel of the album relates to Steinbeck because the beat of some of the songs is kind of country. I like how the album contains some upbeat songs and some slow songs. The slow songs itself becomes faster as the songs gets to the middle, which I think makes the songs much better.  All of the songs contain very good lyrics that don’t slack in any of the songs. The songs can really relate of the listener in situations in relationships and how you shouldn’t lost hope. Their most popular son is Little Lion Man, which I think is one of my favorites.

The order of my favorite to least favorite songs would be:

The Cave

Little Lion Man

After the Storm

Roll Away Your Stone

Winter Winds

Awake my soul

White Blank Page


Sign No More

Thistle & Weeds

I Gave You All

Dust Bowl Dance

5 Out of 5


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