Shouting Fire Part 2

In the story about Martin Garbus, Garbus thought that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) should take the case of the Nazi march in Chicago. This story shows the down side of freedom of speech because Garbus knew that if the ACLU didn’t take the case than our freedom of speech is opposing a certain group of people.  Like Garbus said, “If you are going to defend free speech, you also have to defend the freedom of speech of people you hate.” Even though you’re personal belief might not be the same as the other party but they still have the right to have their own beliefs. I think it was wrong of people to show hatred towards Garbus because I don’t think that he would personally favor what the Nazis were doing but he did it for the sake of our freedom. He had family members who died in the Holocaust, so that shows that he knew how the Jews felt about the situation.

In the story about Chase Harper relates to the other story that deals with freedom of speech. It raises the issue of whether there should a limit of on it. I think at freedom of speech should not be allowed when it jeopardizes someone’s life. When Harper wrote that message on his shirt, the message makes others who are gay or lesbian feel like they are doing something wrong. There is also the point of how our freedom of speech is limited in schools. If you were caught using foul language in school you would get in trouble, but don’t we have the right to say what we want. School is a place where kids learn to behave a certain way so when Harper wears his t-shirt, it shouldn’t be in a place where is kids are learning.


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