Rush Limbaugh Blog Post #4


In today’s show he discusses the immigrant issue. He suggests his own plan where every illegal alien can gain amnesty right now but they can’t vote for the next 25 years. This plan gives another assertion that conservatives are against minorities. He laughs at John Boehner’s comment to ABA World News that Republicans need to reach out to all the people of America. He goes further than laughing at that comment by playing “Feliz Navidad” to reach out to Hispanics. He refers to the Democratic Party as Santa Claus because they are giving away free stuff. He is strictly against giving illegal immigrants amnesty in order to gain voters for Republicans. Since amnesty didn’t work when Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants and lost 7% of Hispanic voters.

Limbaugh comments about Democrats stating that the Republicans need to get rid of him if they want to win. He counters that statement by saying that he should be favored by them if he is allowing them to win the elections. Even Boehner told others that Republicans aren’t what Limbaugh describes it to be.

He makes a big deal about Obama running ads in Mexico for those who are coming to America, where to get food stamps. To Limbaugh this is outraging because that is one of the reasons Democrats have 75% of Hispanic votes. He thinks the only way the Republicans can gain Hispanic voters is to be like the Democrats. He completely misses that point of the caller who is a Hispanic minority, states that he cares about issues such as abortion and who is I favor of the second amendment.


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