Rush Limbaugh Blog Post #3


It is the day after the election and now Rush Limbaugh is being himself by being defensive and criticizing everything Pres. Obama and how his campaign was about the small stuff like “war on women” whereas Romney’s campaign was based on America, which sounds ridiculous. He is shocked that his prediction about Romney gaining more votes than McCain is wrong. He has a problem with those who are in the Republican Party, who are saying that they need to reach out to the minorities because he thinks that they already do and he names some successful minorities who are in politics. He thinks that the country is doomed because of the crumbling economy, unemployment is worsening, and the debt situation is also worsening. He is most angry about the fact that everyone is still blamed Bush for the economy. He is defending Romney very passionately, that his view will is the traditional way that will lead to prosperity. When he defends Romney with such passion, I am thinks that he should save his energy for the next Republican candidate.

Throughout the show Limbaugh calls Pres. Obama Santa Claus because he will take something from others and give it to you like the poor taking from the rich. He still keeps on endorsing Mitt Romney even though he lost. Compared to last night where he was boasting how about how Romney was going to beat Obama. He thinks that people felt sympathy for Obama and they wanted to give him a second chance. Limbaugh look at the people who voted to Obama as people who hates hard work and the mention of getting a job are despised by them.


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