Rush Limbaugh Blog Post #2


In the election night, Limbaugh starts of his show stating how the Democrats are trying to “suppress” the Republican voters because Romney is ahead in the Ohio voting. He thinks the election will be completely different for the 2008 election because the Obama of 2012 is a letdown compared to how he was in 2008. Since he was elected poverty was up, the war isn’t over yet, his foreign policy is terrible, jobs are worse, the number of Americas on food stamps is up, and house prices went down. He thinks that Obama didn’t do a single good thing in the office. He is blaming the media for making Obama look good for handling hurricane Sandy. He discusses Howard Dean’s comment that the only way Pres. Obama is going to lose is if the Ohio voters are kept from voting. He says the Democrats are making excuses for losing. He counters that statement by saying that the Democrats are doing that because the Black Panthers are in Pennsylvania.

Limbaugh as a problem with the polls because it assumes that every Democrats is voting for Obama and that every Republicans is voting for Romney. Yet he states that it makes more sense that every Republican are voting for Romney. He thinks that the Democrats are scheming to prevent Republicans to vote like announcing that Obama is the winner before mid-afternoon when the voting booths aren’t closed. He criticizes the Charlie Rose’s show because all his guests agreed that Obama is going to win. He argues what’s the point of having guests if they all agree on the same thing. Limbaugh can’t seem to handle any criticisms against the Republican Party, he gets very defensive and he starts making that person.


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