Newscasters: Compare & Contrast

There is a big difference when you compare The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer to The Rush Limbaugh Show. Wolf Blitzer as a newscaster is moderate, whereas Rush Limbaugh is a conservative Republican. If I wanted actual news with the least bias then The Situation Room would be the best choice. Blitzer reports news in a factual manner, where Limbaugh adds his opinion on everything. Blitzer doesn’t have any personal agenda when he reports stories. Limbaugh is basically against anything Pres. Obama does. He truly believes that Obama didn’t do a single good thing during the last four years. I think that Limbaugh is one of the contributors who are preventing the Republicans and Democrats to work together to fix the economy. People who are listening to Limbaugh can never create their own opinion because he does that for you.

Before I listened to Limbaugh I didn’t think that conservatives were that irrational but this project made me realize how differently news can be interpreted. I thought that Wolf Blitzer would be much more liberal than he really is but in the show he remains neutral. Blitzer’s reporting is much more genuine because he interviews people from both sides of the parties. Limbaugh’s show shouldn’t be considered a news show because he twists the actual news into something that isn’t true. He even goes as far as to mock the president making him sound dumb, but you know who the real dumb person is. Compared to the two shows I learned that the way the news is broadcasted is very important because the show shapes the viewer’s opinion.


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