Wolf Blizter Blog Post #3


In the Situation Room, the main discuss was whether the Democrats and Republicans will be able to work together.  John Boehner spoke out saying he is willing to work together and make compromises in order to make changes to fix our economy. I think that the next four years will be better because both sides of the parties are now realizing that there is a bigger issue than the disagreement between the parties. If Pres. Obama compromises, it might mean that he might have to make major changes to his Obamacare. There is also Pres. Obama has to pay attention to the needs of African Americans and women. Some of the major things the Obama can accomplish are educational reform, foreign policy, and keeping Obamacare. The discussion was also about how Obama won the election. One of the campaign’s secret was they learned more about the voters. They used data mining which is using statistics and computer science to analyzing the types of voters. For example, you might get a letter from Michelle Obama telling you to vote because of the issues that you care about will be handled by Pres. Obama. Pres. Obama and Michelle Obama also made a lot of appearances in TV shows, which showed how they are. I think that those are some of the factors that led to the victory of the election. When I watched Obama on the Late Night with jay Leno Show, I felt a bit closer to the president. The people felt that Obama cared more for them than Romney.


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