Wolf Blizter Blog Post #2


During the election night, Wolf Blitzer was on air throughout the night. The news covered which states the candidates will most likely win based on the polls. Blitzer broke down the estimated number of certain groups that are for or against the candidates. In one of the most important poll is who would win Ohio. The poll stated that Obama would win with 50% of Ohio’s vote, while Romney would get 47%. Blitzer interviews politicians to see who they think will likely to win the election. The swing states, who could vote for either one of the candidates, are a big factor on who will the election. The swing states include Colorado, Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.  Issues on abortion, marijuana, immigration, and gay marriage were important in the swing states. States that are strongly Democratic would give Pres. Obama 185 electoral votes, while 180 electoral votes would go to Romney for strongly Republican states. 58 electoral votes are leaning to Democrats while 26 electoral votes are leaning to Romney. As Blitzer reported the unsure states does play a vital role in determining the next president because Obama would have 243 electoral votes while Romney would have 206. 89 of the unsure electoral votes can go to either of the candidates. Some of the other polls are based on race and gender. One was on which candidate was more in touch with the people, that lead to Pres. Obama crying in the Ohio rally. That made the viewer’s relate to Pres. Obama much more. After the announcement of Pres. Obama’s reelection, Wolf Blitzer’s reaction was neutral. Compared to the other CNN newscaster, who were excited about the report, Blitzer didn’t really show if he was glad or upset.


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