Wolf Blizter Blog Post #1


In the situation room, I think that Wolf Blitzer is mostly unbiased because he checks what is going on around the states for the current election. The news is about the battle for the swing states. States such as Ohio, Colorado and Wisconsin are important in determining who is going to win the election. In the 2008 election President Obama won all three states. Mitt Romney is going to make a last stop in Pennsylvania and Ohio. There is the question of whether the non-stop campaigning to a lot of states is really effective, which cost about 6 billion dollar. Also how effective the ads were which tended to be negative. Controversial topics such as health care, same sex marriage, marijuana legalization and abortion will affect the swing states. The early voting is an issue in Florida because there are too many people waiting for hours in line to cast an absentee vote. Polls show that Pres. Obama has a slight edge in getting Iowa’s six electoral votes. Vice President Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, which can give Pres. Obama a slight advantage. Ohio seems to be the major state that will determine who will the next president. Romney is to make last stops to the undecided states like Ohio and Pennsylvania. The current poll shows that Obama is 50% and Romney is 47% in votes.

Wolf Blitzer


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