Rush Limbaugh Blog Post #1


Rush Limbaugh is definitely biased, even he said in the radio that he is biased against Pres. Obama and how he wanted Obama to not only lose the election but to lose in a landslide. He is so extremely against anything Obama says or does. He keeps making funny of Obama by speaking like him and making him sound like an idiot. I am shocked that Limbaugh is one of the highest paid people in the U.S. media. He thinks that the media is dangerously corrupted by liberal bias. If he thinks that, then what would you call his views? He praised Fox news for being the only one to cover the attack on Benghazi during the campaigning. He thinks it’s ridiculous that everyone is praising Obama because he took immediate action during the hurricane Sandy. He thinks that it’s his jobs as a president to take immediate action. Even though everyone thinks that it’s a game changer, Limbaugh says that Obama did his job for a couple of days. He says how important it is to get gasoline in New Jersey and that we don’t need solar power or windmill, which refers to his previous comment of how Obama said in the debate the need for clean efficient source of energy. He is making fun of Obama that gasoline is not the enemy here. In one of his former radio show he explains that global warming is a hoax played by the liberals. He says that the media made Obama look compassionate during hurricane Sandy that in media Democrats gets all the compassion, while the Republicans get none. The way he broadcasts news is by completely changing everything into his own views that you can tell what is real or what is false.

Rush Limbaugh


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