Louie Poker Scene

In television show Louie, the clip starts off with a bunch of comedians playing a poker game. The guys are making fun of each other and they get to the topic of homosexuality. The group has different views on the topic of homosexuality, which can be related to the views. Louie is one who asks the questions, which I think he is trying to make people understand about the controversial topic. He asks questions that people in the group are too embarrassed to ask about. Nick Dipaolo is the uncomfortable guy in the group, who is shocked and reluctant to discuss about homosexuality. Rick Crom is only gay guy in the group, who explains the meaning of the word f___ and how people should be more aware when they use the word. I love how the show uses comedy to make us understand the topic better. When Rick explains how every gay man in America had that word shouted at them at least once when they were being neaten up and when they hear that word it brings back the memories back of when they were beaten up. That statement had the biggest effect on me because it shows the powerful effects of words. Even though I never use the word, it made me think about being more aware when I am using offensive words.


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