Pink Floyd – The Wall (#2)

Top Favorite Songs: Another Brick In The Wall Part 2

Most people think that real Pink Floyd fans wouldn’t think this is one of the top songs in the album but since I am not an actual Pink Floyd fan, I think Another Brick in the Wall is one of the top song in the album. They think that Roger Waters sold himself out in this song because of how commercial it is with its beat. The album is based on Roger Waters’s life. I was surprised by this song at first because it criticized the education system. This song shows what Waters thinks of the educational system during the 50’s. He believes that instead of teaching the kids to stand up for their beliefs, the teachers taught the kids to keep quiet. The Wall symbolizes the isolation that Waters feel around society. He loses his father when he was young during WWII, which starts his isolation. He lived with a very overprotective mother, who wasn’t a very good role model. In the line, “We don’t need no education,” has a double meaning since there is a double negative what Waters really mean is we do need education but not that kind of education where the kids can’t think on their own. Some countries even banned this song because of the message it implicates but in reality Waters is very supportive of education. 

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In the film, you see kids who are faceless meaning that they mindless beings who just follow orders. The main character named Pink was bullied by the teacher and made fun of because of the poem he wrote. Pink then imagines how the kids rise up against the teachers and they start a riot, but in reality he gets whipped instead. The teachers become another brick in the wall, which slowly the bricks turns into a wall based on the events in his life.

I would rate this album 5 out of 5 because I like how the song is catchy because of the chorus. We can relate to Waters because at least once in our life we had a very mean teacher who just doesn’t seem to understand us. This song is different from the other songs in the album because of the disco beat which apparently is very different from what Pink Floyd is known for.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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