Pink Floyd – The Wall (#4)

Top Favorite Songs: Goodbye Blue Sky

Goodbye Blue Sky one my top favorite songs because I like how the song have a very calm melody but the lyrics are very rough. The main thing I like about this song is the video of it because it is an animation that brings the harsh lyrics into life. The artist behind the amazing artwork is Gerald Scarfe, who also did the artwork for the The Wall Cover. I also like the use of guitar which was used to transition from the first part of the album to the second part, since Goodbye Blue Sky was the first song of the second part of the album. Roger Waters said in his interview that the song is mainly about, “it’s remembering one’s childhood and then getting ready to set off into the rest of one’s life.” When you listen to the music more and more you notice that what Waters said does make sense because in the song The Thin Ice blue represented the beginning of the character Pink’s childhood and in this song it says goodbye to the blue sky. In the lines that says, “The flames are all long gone, but the pain lingers on,” mean that his injury from his past experiences are healed but what’s left behind is the emotional scars, which created the foundation for the wall.

In the film the part when this song comes up it looks very dark because the blue sky turns into something that looks like an evil world. There is the scene where bombs are being dropped, that represents when Germany dropped bombs in England. In the beginning there is the dove which represents peace which is torn apart and turned into the German war eagle, which means that there is no longer peace but just chaos. After all the lives that are sacrificed by both the good and bad side did the dove returns, it questioned if the war is justifiable. I think that the video give good symbolism on WWII and it brings up issues that were there during that time.

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Rating: 5 out of 5


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