Pink Floyd – The Wall ( #1)

The reason I chose Pink Floyd – The Wall out of the rest is because I always saw one of my friend wear a Pink Floyd t-shirts every other day to school, including other classic rock bands. He loved all kinds if 70’s bands which is kind of the opposite of what I like. One day he wore the Pink Floyd shirt that had the album cover of the Dark Side of the Moon which I thought looked really interesting. I never understood why he liked Pink Floyd so much, so now I am interested to find out what is so amazing about this band. My music preference is mostly alternative and indie and the album is rock so I am not completely going out of my zone in the music genre. I am surprised that iTunes categorized this album as rock because I listened to one of their song a long time ago which sounded very slow. While I was looking to download the album I found out that there is a film based on the album. I plan to first listen to the album and then watch the film. From the look of the cover I thought at first that the album might be about the Berlin Wall because of the picture of a wall and how the rise of the Berlin Wall was a big issue during that time.

I listened to the album and I don’t see what is so great about the album. I don’t like how all the songs are very slow in the beginning, but I do like the sound of the guitar. Something that is interesting about the album is how the songs transition to the next song very well. I am surprised about the lyrics of the album because in Another Brick In The Wall Part 2, they say “We don’t need no education,” and how they criticize the educational system. In the song Mother, they say, “Mama’s gonna make all of your Nightmares come true,” which is like the opposite of how we view a mother. I think in order for me to like this album I need to know more the background information on Roger Waters, the lead singer and I need to listen to the album more.

Rating: 3 out of 5

The Wall Album Cover


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